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  1. This review article combines four disparate observations about Neural Tube Defects (NTDs). They are the worldwide decline in the birth incidence that began prior to prenatal diagnosis; family recurrence risks;...

    Authors: David B Shurtleff
    Citation: Cerebrospinal Fluid Research 2004 1:5
  2. As the secretory source of vitamins, peptides and hormones for neurons, the choroid plexus (CP) epithelium critically provides substances for brain homeostasis. This distributive process of cerebrospinal fluid...

    Authors: Conrad Johanson, Paul McMillan, Rosemarie Tavares, Anthony Spangenberger, John Duncan, Gerald Silverberg and Edward Stopa
    Citation: Cerebrospinal Fluid Research 2004 1:3
  3. The parenchyma of the brain does not contain lymphatics. Consequently, it has been assumed that arachnoid projections into the cranial venous system are responsible for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) absorption. Ho...

    Authors: Miles Johnston, Andrei Zakharov, Christina Papaiconomou, Giselle Salmasi and Dianna Armstrong
    Citation: Cerebrospinal Fluid Research 2004 1:2