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Table 1 Genes similarly up-regulated in CP stromal capillary tissue from both MOG-CFA/PTX- and CFA-PTX-immunized mice at day 9 p.i

From: Active induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by MOG35-55 peptide immunization is associated with differential responses in separate compartments of the choroid plexus

Genes modulated similarly in stromal CP capillary of MOG-CFA/PTX mice at day 9 p.i
Gene name Gene name
B2m ll15*
Bcl2l1 ll18*
C3** ll1b**
Ccl19 ll7
Ccl2** Lrp2
Ccl5** Nfkb1*
Ccr2** Nfkb2
Cd34** Ptgs*
Cd80 Sele**
Cd86* Selp**
Cd8a Amad3
Col4a5 Socs2
Csf1* Stat1**
Cxcl10** Stat3
Cxcr3* Stat4
Ece1 Stat6
Edn1 Tbx21
Fas Tfrc*
Fn1 Tgfb1
Gzmb Cd40
Hmox1 Fasl**
Hprt1 Vcam1
lcos Vegfa
  1. genes with * ≥ 5 and ** ≥ 10 fold increase in expression in comparison to Naïve animals.
  2. Relative mRNA expression values of 93 immune-related genes were determined by immuno-LCM/TLDA in CP stromal capillary tissue from immunized and naïve mice at day 9 p.i. At this early time-point, all 49 immunization-induced genes were similarly stimulated in both MOG-CFA/PTX- and CFA-PTX-immunized mice compared to naïve animals, and only these are listed. denotes genes that show specific upregulation later on with disease progression on day 15.