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Figure 3 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Figure 3

From: Method for isolation and molecular characterization of extracellular microvesicles released from brain endothelial cells

Figure 3

Gel-LC MS/MS of HBEC-EMV proteins. (A) Coommassie blue-stained gel following SDS-PAGE analysis of EMVs from HBEC. Shown are the molecular weight (MW) markers (left) and the position of ten bands that were cut out (right). (B) Total number of proteins identified in each band from SDS-PAGE of EMVs (left) or whole-cell HBEC extract (right). (C) Average theoretical MW (± SD) of the proteins in each gel band. The dotted lines represent the observed MW range of gel band, as determined by marker lane. If the theoretical MW is above the upper dotted line, it is likely degraded/truncated, whereas if it is below the lower dotted line, it is potentially post-translationally modified. Note the log scale. (D) Percentage of MS signal originating from degraded/truncated proteins in each gel band as described in panel C.

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