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Table 1 Ion channel expression in choroid plexus epithelial cells.

From: Ion channel diversity, channel expression and function in the choroid plexuses

  Molecular Identity Functional evidence References
K + channels Not determined Ca2+-activated K+ (Amphibia; WC;SC) [56-58]
  Kv1.1, Kv1.3, Kv1.6 Outward rectifying conductance (WC) [65, 69]
  Kir 7.1 Inward-rectifying current (WC) [65, 66]
  Kir3.4 None (WC) [68]
  TASK1 Not determined [75]
Anion channels Unknown Inward-rectifying conductance (WC) [79, 85]
  Unknown Volume-sensitive conductance (WC) [80]
Na + channels ENaC None (WC) [90]
Ca 2+ channels Unknown Receptor-activated Ca2+ influx (fura2) [27, 92]
Receptor-operated channels P2X Not Determined [94, 95]
TRP channels TRPV4 Stretch-activated, non-selective cation channel in Necturus (SC). [59, 98, 99]
  TRPM3 Non-selective conductance (WC) [101, 103]
Aquaporin-1 AQP1 cGMP-activated, non-selective cation channel activated (WC) [104]
  1. WC = recorded by whole cell methods; SC = single channel recording; fura2 measurement of intracellular Ca2+ activity; None = significant currents have not been observed in electrophysiological experiments; Not determined = the appropriate molecular identification or electrophysiological experiment has yet to be performed; unknown = the molecular identity of the channel protein is not known.