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Table 1 Summary of clinical data

From: Serum-derived factors of breast cancer patients with brain metastases alter permeability of a human blood–brain barrier model

Patient characteristics
 Total number1526302012
 Median age6657.66066.362.1
 Deceased    5
Tumour characteristics
 ER/PR positive 1517161
 HER2/neu positive 811311
 Triple negative 22  
 Well differentiated (G1) 2400
 Moderately differentiated (G2) 1811166
 Poorly differentiated (G3) 61546
 % of Ki67 positive cells (median) 25%40%15%30%
 Other    1
  1. BM bone metastases, C control group of healthy donors, CM cerebral metastases, ER estrogen receptor, Her2/neu human epidermal growth factor 2, PC primary cancer, PR progesterone receptor, VM visceral metastases