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Table 4 Results of the PC-MRI and FIESTA measurements in the CA

From: Can pulsatile CSF flow across the cerebral aqueduct cause ventriculomegaly? A prospective study of patients with communicating hydrocephalus

ParameterMean \(\pm\) SD (n = 30)
SV (μL)80 ± 51
Evan’s index0.37 ± 0.04
Cross-sectional area (mm2)5.6 ± 3.2
Net flow (mL/min)0.74 ± 0.71a
Max flow (caudal) (mL/min)21.6 ± 11.8a
Min flow (cranial) (mL/min)− 15.9 ± 9.8a
Max flow-min flow (mL/min)37.5 ± 21.3
Maximum flow ratio (QO/I)1.32 ± 0.28
Time ratio rO/I0.85 ± 0.15
Net flow direction (+/−)a26/4
  1. aPositive sign indicates flow out from the ventricles