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Fig. 1 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 1

From: Effect of extradural constriction on CSF flow in rat spinal cord

Fig. 1

Surgical procedures, and white light and fluorescent imaging of ex vivo brain and spinal cord. The extradural constriction surgeries involved passing a 6-0 monofilament suture (Sut) around the spinal cord (A) and tightening the suture to visibly occlude blood flow in the posterior vein (PV; B). Exposure of the occipital membrane (OM) for injection of fluorescent tracer into the cisterna magna (C). Images of the whole spinal cord and brain under white-light and fluorescent light, with extradural constriction evident (D). Labelling: Rost: rostral; Caud: caudal; S: skull

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