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Fig. 5 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 5

From: Analysis of convective and diffusive transport in the brain interstitium

Fig. 5

Range in TMA concentration versus time curves for experimental data compared with diffusion-only with perivascular exchange simulations. Experimental data from Cserr reported in grey (n = 33) [30] compared to diffusion-only simulations reported in blue (n = 112). Experimental median values were α = 0.18, and λ = 1.6. For simulation, \(v\) = 0 μm min−1, α = 0.18, and λ = 1.85, vessel separation = 250 μm. Variability in the simulation is due to tissue heterogeneity introduced by discrete perivascular exchange locations within the domain, accounting for about two-thirds of the range observed experimentally

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