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Table 2 Growth hormone/IGF and diabetes

From: Comorbidity of diabetes mellitus in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus: a systematic literature review

Year Author Findings Type of study
2010 Teppala et al. [26] Low serum IGF-1 levels were positively associated with diabetes*** National survey
1996 Hew et al. [8] Decreased insulin sensitivity, decreased glucose storage rate, decreased glycogen synthase*** Controlled cross sectional study
2010 Schneider et al. [27] Low or high serum levels of IGF-1 are associated with diabetes Multiple prospective cohort studies
2005 Murray et al. [28] Growth hormone resistant and insufficient adults are insulin resistant when stimulated with insulin*** Controlled cross sectional study
1984 Amiel et al. [29] Low lGF-1 levels are positively associated with diabetes*** Controlled cross sectional study
2004 Jørgensen et al. [30] Growth hormone deficient adults tend to be insulin resistant Multiple case study
1995 Johansson et al. [31] Adults with growth hormone deficiency were found to have normal fasting plasma insulin levels and insulin resistance*** Controlled cross sectional study
  1. Select sources related to growth hormone deficiency in adults and it’s associated to diabetes mellitus. Studies indicated with (***) involve an age and cohort matched non-iNPH control group and a statistically significant result