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Table 1 Tissue distribution and function of claudin-5

From: Claudin-5: gatekeeper of neurological function

Tissue Function Pathology Observations
Endothelial tissue e.g. brain capillary, lung endothelium BBB—decrease paracellular permeability Downregulated in schizophrenia, glioblastoma, Alzheimer’s disease
Hemizygous in 22q11DS
Mouse KO—post natal lethality, increased permeability < 800 Da [29]
Mouse KD—seizure, depression, inflammation [30, 31]
Peripheral lymph node Decrease permeability Claudin-5 ± mice – increased leakage and inflammation following UV exposure [32]
Cardiomyocytes Unknown Downregulated in heart failure [33] Dystrophin KO – overexpression of claudin-5 prevents cardiomyopathy [34]
Pancreatic ductal and acinar cells Unknown
Retinal pigment epithelium Changes in permeability in developing RPE
Small/large intestine Unknown
Stomach epithelium Unknown
Seminiferous epithelium Blood-testis barrier Claudin-5 downregulation and biotin tracer leakage in Etv5 KO mice [35]
Ovarian epithelium Theca vascular development Overexpression associated with aggressive, high-grade ovarian adenocarcinoma [36]
Prostate Unknown Overexpressed in prostate adenocarcinoma [37]