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Fig. 22 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 22

From: Elimination of substances from the brain parenchyma: efflux via perivascular pathways and via the blood–brain barrier

Fig. 22

The relation between the rate of elimination of a substance and its concentration. The solid curve in a and line in b show the rate of elimination as a proportion of its possible maximum versus concentration. Possible rates of input are shown as the dashed lines. In a if the rate of input is Rin,1 which is less than the maximum possible rate of elimination, Relim,max, the concentration can be maintained at css. If the rate of input is Rin,2, which exceeds Relim,max, no steady-state is possible and the concentration continually increases. At low concentrations as shown in detail in b the rate of elimination is usually proportional to concentration

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