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Table 1 Examples of cell encapsulation for CNS and CNS-related diseases

From: Blood–brain barrier and foetal-onset hydrocephalus, with a view on potential novel treatments beyond managing CSF flow

Disease/model Cells/experimental paradigm Results and references
Alzheimer’s disease NGF in rats and primates Neuroprotection [164]
Parkinson’s disease Neuropeptide Y in rats Neuroprotection [165]
Huntington’s disease Choroid plexus in rats Neuroprotection [143]
Epilepsy GDNF, BDNF in rats Neuroprotection, Decreased seizures [166, 167]
Stroke/ischaemia Choroid plexus in rats Neuroprotection [168]
Acute and chronic pain Chromaffin cells (catecholamines, opioids) in rats Reduced pain [169]