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Fig. 3 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 3

From: Misleading early blood volume changes obtained using ferumoxytol-based magnetic resonance imaging perfusion in high grade glial neoplasms treated with bevacizumab

Fig. 3

Change in rCBV pre- and post-BEV for each of 21 lesions. A black line indicates a decrease in rCBV, red indicates a decrease in rCBV that passed the clinically relevant threshold of 1.75, and the remaining lesions are marked in gray. Values for the entire enhancing volume are shown in a and b. c and d depict hot spot changes. a and c depict the rCBV change between pre-BEV measured over ROIpre and post-BEV rCBV measured over ROIpost. b and d depict the rCBV change between pre-BEV measured in ROIpre and post-BEV rCBV in ROIpre

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