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Fig. 4 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 4

From: Clearance from the mouse brain by convection of interstitial fluid towards the ventricular system

Fig. 4

Distribution of the tracers 30 min after injection in the cisterna magna. a Tile scan of a horizontal section −2 mm from the bregma. The ventricular system showed no signal, while the olfactory bulb and the subarachnoid space showed both tracers. TR-3 and F-500 were observed in the subarachnoid space along the entire section. Scale bar 1 mm. Anatomical details are shown in panels BD. b The ventricle and choroid plexus did not show TR-3 and F-500. c The ambient cistern showed both tracers, with TR-3 also entering the adjacent parenchyma. d A leptomeningeal vein (v, arrow) in the SAS showed F-500 in the paravascular space. Scale bar 100 µm. e Signal intensity as a function of distance for TR-3 from the SAS to the brain parenchyma across the pial layer, 30 min after CM injection. The mean distance is 64 ± 7 µm (N = 5)

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