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Table 1 Physico-chemical properties of acetaminophen and quinidine

From: The mastermind approach to CNS drug therapy: translational prediction of human brain distribution, target site kinetics, and therapeutic effects

Compound MW PSA logP logD[7.4] pKa1 [Acid] pKa2 [Acid] pKa1 [Base] pKa1 [Base] Ionized at physiological pH Substrate for
Acetaminophen 151 49,3 0,25 0,23     10,2 0% [neutral] -
Quinidine 324 45,6 2,29 1,4 4,2   8   99.8% [positive] Pgp
  1. MW = molecular weight, PSA = polar surface area, Log P = measure of lipophilicity determined as log of partition of un-ionised compound over octanol/water, Log D[7.4] = measure of lipophilicity at physiological pH, determined as log of distribution of the compound over octanol/ buffer pH = 7.4.