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Table 2 Peak, pulse, and average longitudinal pressure dissociation in the subarachnoid space between caudal and rostral sensors (SSE, SSED, SRE and SAE as for Table 1).

From: The influence of coughing on cerebrospinal fluid pressure in an in vitro syringomyelia model with spinal subarachnoid space stenosis

  Longitudinal pressure dissociation, LPD (mmHg)
LPD(t) = P SAS ,4cm(t) - P SAS ,32cm(t)
model peak pulse average
SSED 15.8 17.2 5.2
SSE 35.6 40.2 14.7
SAE 67.8 83.1 3.2
SRE 14.0 28.5 -0.1
  1. Key: Tolerances are estimated from the manufacturing process tolerances and supplier specifications. SSE = stenosis with syrinx model, SSED = stenosis with syrinx model with distensible spinal column, SRE = stenosis removed model, and SAE = stenosis alone model.