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Successful repair of a very large spina bifida back lesion; technical details and comparison with other technical options as described in literature so far

Cerebrospinal Fluid Research20063 (Suppl 1) :S60

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To highlight the technical details of a successful closure of a very large back lesion in Spina bifida, performed by us recently, and to review the literature on the subject

Materials and outcome

A 6-month old girl with a huge Meningomyelocele (20 cms × 15 cms) with a wide dural defect of almost similar dimensions recently underwent a successful back closure using a large dural graft and Fibrin glue. The entire interesting case history, the exact surgical details, the complications and the eventual successful outcome are depicted and discussed. Our method is compared to other surgical options and techniques described for such large lesions.


The large lesion and wide dural defect could be successfully closed by use of Dural graft and Fibrin glue sealant.


It is possible to successfully close large lesions in a single stage with adequate use of dura graft.

Authors’ Affiliations

111 A, Aradhana, G D Ambekar Marg, Dadar East, Mumbai, 400014, India


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