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Figure 1

From: Uneven distribution of nucleoside transporters and intracellular enzymatic degradation prevent transport of intact [14C] adenosine across the sheep choroid plexus epithelium as a monolayer in primary culture

Figure 1

Morphology and phenotype of primary culture of sheep CPEC. (A) Phase-contrast micrographs of 8d-old CPE cells cultured on laminin-coated filters shows a typical cobblestone arrangement of polygonal cells (scale bar 20 μm); (B) Scanning electron microscopy shows a confluent 8d-old monolayer of CPEC, with a prominent nuclei (scale bar 10 μm). (C) Changes with time of TEER in CPEC monolayers seeded on inserts pre-coated with various basal lamina components or on uncoated inserts. Note the marked increase in TEER between days 3 and 8 across the CPEC monolayers seeded on inserts pre-coated with laminin and across CPEC monolayers seeded on uncoated inserts. Values are expressed as mean ± SEM from 3–4 different filters and were corrected for the mean TEER from three laminin-coated filters without cells.

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