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The neural tube and heart defects: our experience


The most common forms of congenital anomalies are spina bifida and cardiac anomalies. It is known that they can occur together, although the reason for this is not clear.

Materials and methods

Four patients were reviewed in our unit with combined spina bifida and cardiac lesions. We reviewed clinical data to evaluate the type of spina bifida and cardiac lesion.


Two cases of spina bifida were associated with complex cardiac anomalies. One patient with spina bifida occulta also had complex cardiac anomaly. The fourth patient had a terminal lipoma and died in cardiac failure.


Spina bifida and complex congenital heart disease may co-exist in the same patient, but no clear evidence exists as to the etiology

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Correspondence to Takayuki Inagaki.

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Inagaki, T., Yamanouchi, Y. & Kawamoto, K. The neural tube and heart defects: our experience. Fluids Barriers CNS 2 (Suppl 1), S58 (2005).

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