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IIIrd Ventriculostomy: Data from the UK Shunt Registry


Although the UK Shunt Registry is concerned primarily with shunt performance, we hold data on IIIrd Ventriculostomies performed in the British Isles.

Materials and methods

We have identified 819 patients where IIIrd Ventriculostomy was the primary procedure. The median age of these patients was 11.9 years. The most common reasons for IIIrd Ventriculostomy were given as congenital aqueduct stenosis (28%) and benign and malignant tumours (29%).

The effectiveness of IIIrd Ventriculostomy was estimated using a Kaplan-Meier statistical model, with failure as the insertion of a valved shunt. 10 patients died before any valve insertion.


77% of patients were shunt free at one year and 71% at five years. Of these patients, 17 received a second IIIrd Ventriculostomy and one patient had a third.


These figures compare favourably with the shunt valve survival rate in children of 72% after one year and only 56% after 5 years.

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