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Transition: you need to go!!

In 1999, the department of Paediatric Rehabilitation, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children did an audit of current transition processes for children with Spinal pathology transferring from paediatric to adult health care. At the time there was poor attendance of transferred patients in 'adult' clinics and 'adult' patients were continuing to utilise paediatric facilities.

Investigation findings were that there was a lack of patient education regarding transfer/adult services and no formal transfer process. In addition, many problems were being experienced by adolescence at the time of transfer, which was impacting on the success of the transfer.

Over the past four years we have developed and formalised transition processes for Spinal Rehabilitation patients graduating from paediatric to adult services using the recommendations from this audit.

Follow up research is planned for early 2004 to determine whether the current transition program for adolescents with Spina Bifida meets their needs and expectations.

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