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Table 1 Substances distributed to brain by transport at the blood-CSF gateway

From: Homeostatic capabilities of the choroid plexus epithelium in Alzheimer's disease

Class or group Examples Functions References
Neuropeptides Arginine vasopressin Regulation of CSF formation [8–11]
Growth factors Basic fibroblast growth factor Integration of water balance [55, 104]
Trace elements Iron Enzyme function in neurons/glia [1, 12]
Vitamins Ascorbate & folate Antioxidants & co-factors for brain [13, 14]
Nucleoside bases Thymidine Nucleic acids & drug transport [15, 16]
Protease inhibitors Cystatin C Neuroprotection after ischemia [1, 17]
Hormones Prolactin & leptin Modulation of hypothalamus [18, 19]