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About our Editors

William Banks, Editorial Board Member
University of Washington, USA
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Dr. William A. Banks was recently Professor at Saint Louis University in the departments of Internal Medicine and Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences. Since 2010 he is a Professor in the Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, Dept of Internal Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine. Seattle. He is Editor-in-Chief of Current Pharmaceutical Design. He received his MD from University of MO-Columbia in 1979 and did training at Tulane University. He is author of over 350 non-abstract publications.
His research interests for 30 years have been the investigation of the mechanisms by which the brain and body communicate through blood-borne mechanisms and how such knowledge can be used to treat human diseases. Understanding these mechanisms has necessitated an in-depth study of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The work has contributed to modern concepts of the BBB, including its ability to act more as a regulatory interface between the blood and brain than as an absolute barrier. He has strong interests in understanding how the BBB responds to physiological changes and reacts to, mediates, and even causes disease states. In this regard, he has a long standing interest in questions related to the mechanisms by which pathogens interact with and cross the BBB. Current areas of interest include blood-brain barrier, peptides, cytokines, obesity, drug delivery, Alzheimer’s disease, LRP-1, P-gp, diabetes and the CNS, neuroAIDS, neuroinflammation, neuroimmunology, aging, and insulin.