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Mark E Wagshul, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Editorial Board Member
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Dr Wagshul received his PhD in atomic physics from Harvard University and did his postdoctoral training as a National Research Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD; it was only after his postdoctoral training that he began pursuing medical applications. His first faculty position was at Stony Brook University, where he investigated the use of hyperpolarized gases for functional pulmonary imaging. After a short hiatus from academia at a start-up company developing technology for image-guided high intensity focused surgery, he returned to Stony Brook in 2002, when he first cultivated his interest in CSF disorders. In particular, one of his primary research interests is the role of CSF flow and pulsatility in the development and progression of brain damage in hydrocephalus. He served as the Director of the MRI Rseearch Centre at Stony Brook from 2002-2009. Dr Wagshul joined the faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the Gruss MR Research centre in NY, as an Associate Professor, where he continues to study CSF flow-related disorders, as well as other neuroimaging applications such as traumatic brain injury and sleep apnea. Most recently, he is focusing on the role of brain compliance in pedicatric hydrocephalus and the specific effect of changes in brain compliance as it relates to slit ventricle syndrome and chronic headache in shunted hydrocephalus. He is applying the new technique of MR Elastography to visualize local changes in brain compliance and its relationship to disease severity and outcome from surgery.