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John Pickard, Honorary Advisor
University of Cambridge, UK
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John Pickard is Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurosciences. He heads a research team dedicated to advancing the care of patients with brain injury of various types (trauma, coma, stroke, hydrocephalus) through studies of pathophysiology including multimodality bedside monitoring, PET and MR imaging and new treatments. Discoveries have included a definition of how early insults to the brain in both childhood and later life may lead to later changes and cognitive outcome, new ways of detecting when the blood supply to critical areas of the brain become at risk, which treatments may be helpful (acute statin, decompressive craniectomy) and which counterproductive, detection of awareness in the 'vegetative ' state (fMR), which parts of the brain are affected in normal pressure hydrocephalus and novel treatment for pseudotumor cerebri.