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Jean-François Ghersi-Egea, PharmD, PhD, INSERM, France 

Editorial Board Member
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A pioneer in the original discovery of the blood-CSF barrier as a detoxifying site for the brain, Dr Jean-François Ghersi-Egea is an INSERM Research Director who graduated from pharmaceutical school and obtained his PhD in Pharmacological Sciences in France. After studying the dynamic of cerebrospinal fluid flow and choroidal transport and metabolism for several years at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA and at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France, Dr Ghersi-Egea is currently leading the “Fluids and barriers of the CNS” Team and the Blood-brain interfaces exploratory facility BIP at the Neuroscience Research Center in Lyon, France. His current fields of research include transport and neuroprotection mechanisms at the developing and adult blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers, and the implication of the choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid system in perinatal injuries and neuroinflammation.