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Eleutorio ToroEleuterio Toro, PhD, DHC, OBE, University of Trento, Italy

Associate Editor (Mathematical Consultant) 
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Eleuterio F. Toro is currently an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Trento, Italy and formerly a Professor of Numerical Analysis (Professore Chiara Fama) at the same University. He holds an Honours BSc in pure mathematics; an MSc in functional analysis and differential equations and a PhD in computational mathematics. Since 1982, and prior to his appointment in Italy (2002), professor Toro held several academic positions in the United Kingdom, including a full professorship; he has also held many visiting appointments in various countries, such as Japan, Russia, China and USA; he is recipient of several honours and distinctions in various countries.  His research has for many years focused on the construction of computational methods for solving time-dependent evolutionary partial differential equations, with emphasis on hyperbolic balance laws and applications to industrial, aerospace, environmental and medical problems.  He is author/editor of several books and author of more than 300 publications. Currently, his research is focused on the biophysics of neurological diseases and their association to the disturbed dynamical interaction of fluid compartments in the central nervous system (arterial blood, venous blood, interstitial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, the brain parenchyma and the lymphatic system). His work over the last few years, in collaboration with students and academics in various countries, has culminated in the construction of a closed-loop, global mathematical model for the full human cardiovascular system, with special attention to CNS fluid compartments.

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