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Danica Stanimirovic, Editorial Board Member
National Research Council of Canada, Canada
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Dr Danica Stanimirovic, M.D.,Ph.D. is Director of Translational Bioscience Department of the National Research Council’s Human Health Therapeutics Portfolio. The HHT Portfolio caries out applied research aimed at developing biologic therapeutics and vaccines for high-impact diseases including those with targets in the CNS. Dr Stanimirovic manages a portfolio of R&D projects in partnership with Canadian and international biotherapeutic companies aimed at de-risking and advancing biologics pipeline in preclinical development towards IND. Dr Stanimirovic holds a degree in Neurochemistry, from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa. Dr Stanimirovic’s is recipient of several Canadian and international awards; she published over 100 manuscripts, 25 book chapters and 10 patents in the field of brain vascular physiology and blood-brain barrier. She serves on NIH and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada review panels, as well as on Scientific Advisory Boards of biotechnology companies.