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BrNew Content Itemyn Martin, Associate Editor
University of Idaho, USA
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Dr Bryn Martin is an Associate Professor of Biological Engineering at The University of Idaho Department of Biological Engineering (2015 – present). From 2012-15, Dr Martin served as the first Director of the Conquer Chiari Research Center at the University of Akron. He completed his post-doctoral training from 2009-2012 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He completed a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago focused on the biofluid mechanics of cerebrospinal fluid flow in central nervous system disorders. Dr Martin's research interests include: Investigation of CSF dynamics in health and disease, Chiari malformation and syringomyelia, intrathecal drug delivery and CSF filtration, astronaut eye biomechanics, biomechanics of traumatic brain injury, in vitro and computational fluid dynamics modeling of cerebrospinal fluid, MR image post-processing, and medical device research and development.