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Table 1 Underexpressed biological processes related to oligodendrocyte development

From: Identification of key molecular biomarkers involved in reactive and neurodegenerative processes present in inherited congenital hydrocephalus

GO biological process category Child category Child category Child category Child category Number of genes process Number of genes underexpressed Expected value Fold enrichment P-value
System development (GO:0048731)      4219 50 24.98 2.00 2.61E-03
  Nervous system development (GO:0007399)     2264 38 13.40 2.84 1.82E-05
   Neurogenesis (GO:0022008)    1771 31 10.48 2.96 3.26E-04
    Gliogenesis (GO:0042063)   235 11 1.39 7.91 1.70E-03
     Glial cell differentiation (GO:0010001) 185 11 1.10 10.04 1.57E-04
Anatomical structure development (GO:0048856)      5208 56 30.83 1.82 8.78E-03
  Glial cell development (GO:0021782)     113 8 0.67 11.96 4.08E-03
   Oligodendrocyte development (GO:0014003)    41 5 0.24 20.60 4.76E-02
Central nervous system development (GO:0007417)      835 20 4.94 4.05 1.07E-03
  Oligodendrocyte differentiation (GO:0048709)     68 8 0.40 19.87 8.76E-05
  1. Identification of biological processes related to underexpressed proteins in the white matter of hydrocephalic hyh mice compared with normal (wt) mice. PANTHER GO biological process complete annotation data set by application of a binomial test with Bonferroni correction for multiple testing with P < 0.05 was used. Gene ontology (GO) biological process terms are indicated. The expected value is the number of expected genes in the list for the category based on the reference list. A fold enrichment indicates that the category was overrepresented in hyh mice compared to wt mice