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Table 1 List of primary antibodies

From: Aquaporin 1 and the Na+/K+/2Cl cotransporter 1 are present in the leptomeningeal vasculature of the adult rodent central nervous system

AntigenImmunogenManufacturer (+CAT#)Host and isotypeDilutionReference RRID#
Target epitope in mouse AQP1 are amino acids 241 to 261 intracellular
Alomone Labs Cat# AQP-001Rabbit IgG1:400AB_2039726
AQP119-aa peptide of Rat AQP1
Target epitope is in C-terminus, intracellular
Alpha Diagnostic Cat# AQP11-ARabbit IgG1:800AB_1609286
Target epitope in mouse AQP1 are amino acids 199 to 208 extracellular
Abcam Cat# ab11025Mouse IgG2b1:500AB_2289651
NKCC1Synthetic peptide derived from the N terminal region of human NKCC1 target epitope located intracellularlyAbcam Cat# ab59791Rabbit IgG1:500AB_944433
Target epitope in mouse NKCC1 are amino acids 821 to 834 extracellular
Alomone Labs Cat# ANT-071Rabbit IgG1:100AB_2341018
α-SMASynthetic peptide corresponding to human alpha smooth muscle Actin (N terminal)Abcam Cat# ab7817Mouse IgG2a1:500AB_262054
CD31Tissue, cells or virus corresponding to human CD31Abcam Cat# ab24590Mouse IgG1:500AB_448167
GAPDHSource: rabbit muscle (commercially sensitive)Sigma Aldrich Cat# G8795Mouse IgM1:5000AB_1078991