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Table 3 Concentrations of the treatments added to the aCSF for ventriculo-cisternal perfusion and variable rate infusion experiments

From: Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics modulation by diet and cytokines in rats

TreatmentSupplierDose (ng/ml)Reference based on reported levels in CSF of IIH patients
HydrocortisoneSigma-Aldrich, Dorset, UK (H0135)500Sinclair et al. [19]
TNF-αSigma-Aldrich, Dorset, UK (H8916)0.1Hayakata et al. [16]
IL-6Life Technologies, Paisley, UK (10398-H08H-5)0.1Reihani-Kermani et al. [18]
IL-17Miltenyi Biotech Ltd, Woking, UK (130-093-959)0.1Li et al. [41]
CCL2Cambridge Bioscience, Cambridge, UK (00220-0-100)50Dhungana et al. [1]
IL-1βMiltenyi Biotech Ltd, Woking, UK (130-093-897)0.1Hayakata et al. [16]
LeptinSigma-Aldrich, Dorset, UK (L4146)100Dhungana et al. [1]