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Fig. 6 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 6

From: Measuring intracranial pressure by invasive, less invasive or non-invasive means: limitations and avenues for improvement

Fig. 6

From Eide et al. [92]

The different types of baseline pressure errors (BPEs). Graphical illustration of the different types of BPEs. a BPE Type 1 is characterized by a constant offset of reference pressure (e.g. due to incorrect zeroing or calibration failure). b BPE Type 2 is related to a sudden shift in baseline pressure. One cause may be ESDs, as illustrated in Fig. 7 a–b. c BPE Type 3 is related to a gradual and large magnitude change in baseline pressure. This type is typical for drift of ICP sensor reference pressure or may be caused by ESDs (see Fig. 7 c–f). Notably, these different types may occur together during ongoing ICP monitoring.

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