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Table 1 Overview of preclinical studies using different methods to measure ICP in rat models

From: Preclinical update on regulation of intracranial pressure in relation to idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Refs.Measuring siteMeasuring periodMethod
[122]Cisterna magnaa4 daysFluid-filled system
[83]Cisterna magnaaUnknownFluid-filled system
[84]Cisterna magnaa1.5 hFluid-filled system
[123]Cisterna magnaa
1 hFluid-filled system
[40]Ventricular and epidurala59 daysFluid-filled system
[81]VentricularUnknownFluid-filled system
[124]Ventricular28 daysFluid-filled system
[94]Subarachnoid spacea4 hFluid-filled system
[87]Lumbar cannulationa25 hFluid-filled system
[125]Lumbar cannulationa25 hFluid-filled system
[125]Subdurala7 daysFluid-filled system
[77]Epidurala6 hFluid-filled system
[126]Epidurala1 hFluid-filled system
[123]Parenchymaa1 hFiber-optic transducer
[86]Parenchymaa14 daysFiber-optic transducer
[127]Parenchyma20 hFiber-optic transducer
[85]Parenchymaa3 hFiber-optic transducer
[88]Ventriculara7 daysTelemetric device
[128]Ventricular2–10 daysTelemetric device
[78]Epidural5 daysTelemetric device
[41]Ventricularb6 daysTelemetric device
[90]Ventricularb5 daysTelemetric device
[39]Subduralb28 daysTelemetric device
  1. aIndicates that the rats where anesthetized/sedated during ICP measurements
  2. bIndicates continuous 24/7 ICP measurements