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Table 2 Major morphological B wave subclasses

From: B waves: a systematic review of terminology, characteristics, and analysis methods

  Term Shape Plateau Frequency (waves/min) Amplitude (mmHg)
Raftopolous et al. [6]
Santamarta et al. [7]
Small symmetrical wave (SSW) Symmetrical No 0.36–5 < 10
Great symmetrical wave (GSW) Symmetrical No 0.36–5 > 10
Intermediate wave (IW) Asymmetrical No 0.33–1.67 6–34
Kasprowicz et al. [9] Slow symmetrical ICP wave Symmetrical No
Slow asymmetrical ICP wave Asymmetrical No
Slow ICP B with plateau phase Symmetrical Yes
Yokota et al. [8] Type II episodic B-wave 25–75
Type III persistent, high pressure B-wave 0.5–2 40–100
Type IV continuous, regular B-wave 0.5–2 10–30