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Table 1 TEER r-iBECs in coculture and monoculture (Ω cm2)

From: Enhanced xeno-free differentiation of hiPSC-derived astroglia applied in a blood–brain barrier model

  Mean TEER Standard dev.
r-iBECs in coculture with L2020 astroglia
 C1 1191.6 66.4
 C9 1243.5 77.9
 AF 1229.9 12.4
r-iBECs in coculture with LN521 astroglia
 C1 1312.6 16.7
 C9 1109.7 24.5
 AF 1166.4 45.1
r-iBECs in monoculture 858.8 44.1