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Fig. 5 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 5

From: Dispersion in porous media in oscillatory flow between flat plates: applications to intrathecal, periarterial and paraarterial solute transport in the central nervous system

Fig. 5

a Dispersion enhancement R for Schmidt number Sc = 1330 and dimensionless pressure gradient P = 155.7. Enhancement is significant (> 1) in the SSS, the conditions for which are estimated by the large dot (Peclet number β2 = 26,900 and Darcy number Da2 = 95.3). b Dispersion enhancement for Sc = 14,000 and P = 1.526. Enhancement is very small for cerebrovascular basement membranes, as shown by the large dot (β2 = 0.00314 and Da2 = 1390). c Dispersion enhancement for Sc = 14,000 and P = 152.6. Enhancement is small in the larger paraarterial space, as shown by the large dot (β2 = 3.14 and Da2 = 1750)

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