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Fig. 4 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 4

From: Effect of extradural constriction on CSF flow in rat spinal cord

Fig. 4

CSF tracer distribution around blood vessels in control and constriction animals at 20 min post-injection. Representative micrographs from control (A, C) and constriction (B, D) animals at 1 week (A, B) or 6 weeks (C, D) post-surgery, sacrificed 20 min after injection of tracer into the cisterna magna. Insets show tracer (OA-647) distribution in the central canal (CC) and central gray matter (E, G, H), anterior median fissure (F) and co–localized to arterioles (arrows), capillaries (arrowheads) and venules (open arrow). Individual channels from insets (EH) are also shown: OA-647 tracer (I), rat endothelial cell antigen (RECA, II) and smooth muscle actin (SMA, III). Scale bars are 500 µm (AD) and 20 µm (EH)

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