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Table 5 Summary of boundary condition sensitivity analysis

From: Analysis of convective and diffusive transport in the brain interstitium

Description \(C_{max,mean}\) (mM) Range
Experimental 1.1 0.70
Boundary conditions
 Tight perivascular walls (\(D_{wall} = 5\% D_{ECS}\)) 1.2 0.66
 Loose perivascular walls (\(D_{wall} = D_{ECS}\)) 0.86 1.17
 Loose perivascular walls, no flux condition on arterioles (\(D_{wall} = D_{ECS}\)) 1.2 0.75
  1. For boundary condition sensitivity, base case is diffusion and convection (\({\text{v}}\) = 50 μm min−1) with perivascular exchange using vessel separation = 250 μm