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Fig. 3 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 3

From: Analysis of convective and diffusive transport in the brain interstitium

Fig. 3

Finite-element domain illustrating physiology incorporated into model (2-dimensional slice of 3-dimensional domain). Cubic domain measures 750 μm on a side (0.4 mm3) with 8 penetrating arterioles and 8 penetrating venules. Red dots mark arterioles. Dark blue dots mark venules. Light blue annulus shows perivascular space that is connected to subarachnoid CSF. Yellow annulus marks the perivascular wall region, which may have a very low void volume resulting in slower mass transport than the bulk of the brain ECS. An arteriole and a venule are shown without shading to reveal the refinement of the mesh at these internal boundaries. The table contains additional information relating brain physiology to model parameters and boundary conditions. The 3-dimensional model uses a tetrahedral mesh of approximately 880,000 elements

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