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Table 1 Overview of experimental animal groups

From: Cerebral influx of Na+ and Cl as the osmotherapy-mediated rebound response in rats

Experiment Label Osmotic agent Treatment Delivery route # rats
Brain water and ion quantification Control Vehicle i.v. 9
  Inhibitors i.v. 7
  Vehicle i.c.v. 6
  Inhibitors i.c.v. 6
Osmotherapy NaCl (i.p.) Vehicle i.v. 9
  NaCl (i.p.) Inhibitors i.v. 8
  NaCl (i.p.) 3× vehicle i.v. 4
  NaCl (i.p.) 3× inhibitors i.v. 4
  NaCl (i.p.) Vehicle i.c.v. 6
  NaCl (i.p.) Inhibitors i.c.v. 6
  Mannitol (i.p.) 6
Naïve 3
Brain barrier permeability Control NaFl i.v. 3
Osmotherapy NaCl (i.p.) NaFl i.v. 3
Naïve 3
Monitoring of ICP   Evans blue i.c.v. 3
Blood pressure measurement   Vehicle i.v. 3
  Inhibitors i.v. 3
  1. i.p., intraperitoneal; i.v., intravenous; i.c.v., intra(cerebro)ventricular; 3×, triple doses; NaFl, Na+-fluorescein