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Table 1 Markers, means of preparation, source (circulation or tissue culture), and assay of brain barrier-derived EVs according to subtype (exosomes or microvesicles)

From: Extracellular vesicles: mediators and biomarkers of pathology along CNS barriers

  1. EV subtype is designated based on crude sedimentation properties (EVs sedimenting at < 100,000×g are classified as microvesicles, while those sedimenting at > 100,000×g are classified as exosomes) or polymer-based precipitation (exosomes)
  2. TEM transmission electron microscopy, NTA nanoparticle tracking analysis, Cryo-EM electron cryomicroscopy, SEM scanning electron microscopy, DLS dynamic light scattering, DIC differential interference contrast microscopy, TRPS tunable resistive pulse sensing, FC flow cytometry, WB western blot, FL fluorescence labeling, MS multiple sclerosis