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Table 2 Site of relapse in primary central nervous system lymphoma

From: Patterns of relapse in primary central nervous system lymphoma: inferences regarding the role of the neuro-vascular unit and monoclonal antibodies in treating occult CNS disease

Site of relapse after complete response (n = 37)
Distant 30 (81%)
 Different lobe 15
 Systemic/non CNS 6
 Ocular 2
 Same lobe but distinct site 3
 Corpus callosum 2
 Leptomeningeal 2
Local 7 (19%)
 Corpus callosum 3
 Cerebellum/posterior fossa 2
 Sub-ependymal 1
 Leptomeningeal 1
  1. The location of enhancement at relapse after complete response with high dose methotrexate was at an anatomically distant site compared to the site of enhancement at location of enhancement at presentation in a majority of cases. Local relapses were more frequent when the initial lesion was in the corpus callosum, posterior fossa, subependymal or in leptomeningeal lesions