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Fig. 2 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 2

From: Is posture-related craniospinal compliance shift caused by jugular vein collapse? A theoretical analysis

Fig. 2

CSF pressure–volume relationships and compliances in horizontal and upright posture. a The cranial and spinal pressure–volume relationships \(\Delta V^{c} (p_{CSF}^{c} )\) and \(\Delta V^{s} (p_{CSF}^{c} )\) are plotted along with the combined overall pressure–volume relationship, \(\Delta V^{tot} \left( {p_{CSF}^{c} } \right)\). b Visualizes the derivatives of these correlations (Eqs. 1114), which represent the respective local and total compliances of the CSF system. Equilibrium conditions in both postures are indicated by black dots

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