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Fig. 4

From: Inhibition of ADAM10 promotes the clearance of Aβ across the BBB by reducing LRP1 ectodomain shedding

Fig. 4

LRP1 shedding brain and plasma following ADAM10 modulation in a mouse model of AD. The ADAM10 inhibitor GI254023X (200 mg/kg) or vehicle (DMSO) was administered via intraperitoneal injection once per day for five consecutive days to PSAPP mice (35 weeks of age). One hour after the final injection, the brains and plasma was collected and the soluble brain fraction a and the plasma b was probed for LRP using an ELISA. Values represent mean ± SEM (n = 8–9 [soluble brain LRP1] or 5 [soluble plasma LRP1]) and are expressed as the amount of LRP per mg total protein or per ml. *p < 0.05 as determined by an unpaired t test

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