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Fig. 1 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 1

From: Diffusion tensor imaging with direct cytopathological validation: characterisation of decorin treatment in experimental juvenile communicating hydrocephalus

Fig. 1

Regions of interest (ROIs) for DTI analysis in each experimental group. Representative voxel based map images and analogous diffusion tensor images of the caudal cerebrum at 2.76 mm posterior to Bregma are shown for the four experimental groups. All ROIs selected for analysis, except from the rostral internal capsule, are displayed. ROIs were chosen with the aid of a rat brain atlas [45]; white = corpus callosum, green = periventricular white matter, cyan = outer parietal cortex, yellow = inner parietal cortex, red = CA1 hippocampus, magenta = caudal internal capsule, scale bar = 100 μm

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