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Table 1 List of brand of e-cigarettes currently available in market

From: Pathobiology of tobacco smoking and neurovascular disorders: untied strings and alternative products

E-cigarettes Design features Popular e-cigarette products
under the Brand
Vapor Fi Two-piece sophisticated designs
Selection of refillable tank-style e-cigarettes with good vapor production
Offers over 30000 flavors
Range of tank sizes and battery power
Variable voltage/airflow
Express starter and Pro starter kit for beginners
VaporFi Rocket—for more experienced users
1 Rocket Tank with 1 dual coil and fully adjustable airflow control
Vox II mod—stronger vape
50 watts of power vaporizer (adjustable)
V2 Cigs Two-piece design with disposable as well as refillable versions
Newer line of product designs available includes the V2 Pro
Makes their own e-liquid with 24 flavor options
Provides battery options with both manual as well as automatic version
EX line of e-cigarettes are the top miniatures, pen-style e-cigarettes
V2 Pro series
Cartridge recognition to optimize the temperature of the atomizer
Can vaporize three types of ingredients
V2 Disposables and Zig-ZagTm are disposable e-cigarettes
Green smoke Two-piece design disposable cartomizer system in a range of flavored cartridges
Designed for beginners
FlavorMaxTm cartridge holds the e-liquid and the unit
Available in different sized starter kits and packs
Halo cigs Halo Cigs offer a well-built product with mainly two designs (Halo G6 e-cig. and Triton Vape pen)
Makes their own e-liquid
Halo G6 rechargeable e-cigarette
Leak proof and refillable e-cig cartomizers
Different size tank options
Triton vape pen
e-cig with a leak-proof vape tank
Variable voltage long-lasting batteries
Apollo Advanced clearomizer (cartomizers with clear bodies) technology
Makes their own e liquid (25 flavors available); Refillable as well as disposable versions
Range of battery options from low to higher power output
Extreme kit (low battery power for new users)
Endevour kit (Intermediate battery power)
Vtube kit (maximum vape/battery power with variable voltage option; generally, for heavy smokers)
Apollo Disposable and E-cigar
Disposable products
Blu Cigs Two-piece sleek design in disposable or prefilled designs (with blu TankTm or flavor cartridges)
Signature blue LED tip: Lights up to let you know that your blu e-cig is working
Silicone tip: Intake maximizes each draw
Blu rechargeable e-cigarette (blu flavor cartridge with rechargeable battery that charges in the USB chargeable pack);
PLUS + rechargeable™ (6-hole tip, more powerful PLUS + rechargeable battery and blu™ tank)
Blu™ disposable electronic cigarettes
EverSmoke Looks and feel like a real cigarette
Two battery sizes and range of flavored cartridges with a Silicone Tip
VaporFlo™ technology for smooth draw
EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette (tobacco, menthol and other flavored rechargeable cartridges)
Available in different sized starter kits and packs