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Fig. 1 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 1

From: Clearance from the mouse brain by convection of interstitial fluid towards the ventricular system

Fig. 1

Distribution of the tracers (TR-3 and F-500) 30 min after injection in the striatum. a Tile scan of a horizontal brain section at −2 mm from the bregma. A distinct distribution of the tracers towards the lateral ventricle was observed. Scale bar 1 mm. Anatomical details are shown in panels BE. b Ventricle and choroid plexus. Tracers coming from the parenchyma reached the ventricle, crossing the ependymal layer. TR-3 is taken up by the choroid plexus while F-500 stays on its outer layer. Scale bar 100 µm. c The ambient cistern showed both tracers. Scale bar 100 µm. d The subarachnoid space showed both F-500 and TR-3, although the signal of TR-3 is weaker compared to F-500. Note the autofluorescence of elastin (red) in the meningeal artery. Scale bar 100 µm. Panel e Detail of the brain parenchyma. TR-3 is observed intra- and intercellular, while F-500 appears to remain extracellular. Scale bar 10 µm

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