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Fig. 7 | Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Fig. 7

From: Adenosine receptor signaling: a key to opening the blood–brain door

Fig. 7

A model: Adenosine modulation of blood brain barrier (BBB) permeability. Endothelial cells lining the brain vasculature express adenosine receptors (ARs) and CD39 and CD73. In the presence of cell stress/inflammation or tissue damage (a), ATP is released and is rapidly converted to ADP and AMP by CD39 (b) and AMP is converted to adenosine by CD73. c Adenosine binds to its receptor/s (A1 or A2A) on BBB endothelial cells (d), the activation of which induces reorganization of actin cytoskeleton in BBB endothelial cells, resulting in tight and adherens junction disassembly (e), increasing paracellular permeability

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