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Table 2 Summary of the morphological characteristics of cysts in the respective groups

From: Diverse arachnoid cyst morphology indicates different pathophysiological origins

Group Arachnoid cysts Connective tissue cysts Aberrant cysts
Thickness variation 20-150 μm 30-800 μm 6-400 μm
Connective tissue layer Thin Thick; major part of cyst wall Thin
Meningothelial epithelium Dominant on both sides Sparsely present Sometimes present on dural side
Luminal epithelium One to several layers Single layer Stratified or single layer
Luminal cilia Not present Not present Often present
Luminal microvilli Sparse Sparse Abundant
Junctional complexes Tight and adherence junctions, desmosomes Simple Elaborate; tight, adherence, and gap junctions, desmosomes
Glial cell processes Not present Not present Often present
Neuropil Not present Not present Present in one cyst